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让人惊叹的中国菜,在漂洋过海后,总是能很快地入乡随俗,却又始终保有自身内蕴的中国味道。在海外最受欢迎的中国菜都有著无比的包容性,我们精选其中最具代表性的中华料理,只需根据当地口味自由选择食材,或者因时而变,挑选最时鲜的原料,就能轻松制作一桌美味又有特色的中国菜。美食Win Food 创办人邓永宁先生丶土生土长香港人丶入厨40多年经验香港厨师丶1993年移民外国丶2020年创办Win Food美食丶把有关香港粤菜丶点心丶烧烤丶香料和汁酱食品带领出海外丶肩负著「发杨香港美誉之称(东方之珠)优秀饮食文化」特别喜欢研究汁酱及其他香料配搭成份丶WinFood品牌是「品质与信心」的标志。

Chinese cuisine has embraced different cultures in its overseas development, yet it always retains intrinsic Chinese flavors. Some of the most popular Chinese dishes in restaurants overseas are shown below. Simply choose the best seasonal or local ingredients and match them with convenient and high-quality Win Food sauces, and you can prepare a delicious Chinese meal at any time:Gourmet Chef Mr Tang Wing Ning, the founder of Win Food was born and raised in Hong Kong. He is a seasoned Cantonese chef with more than 40 years of culinary experience. Wing had immigrated overseas in 1993 and founded Win Food in 2020. He has introduced the authentic Cantonese cuisine abroad, including the popular dishes of dim sum, barbecue char siu, a large variety of spices and sauces, bearing the reputation to get to the great height of development, also known as the "Pearl of the Orient" excellent food culture. He particularly likes to study the ingredients of sauces and other spices. The Win Food brand is a symbol of "quality and confidence."

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